Sunshine Coast Custom Earmoulds Products and Prices

These are the Earmoulds and the prices for what you want


Protective hearing for Industry



Workplace and Class 5 AS/NZS1270 Standards approved. From $90 with cord


Motorcycle Earmoulds for hearing protection and communication



Slim Fit for under helmets. Reduce wind noise and fatigue while enjoying your ride. From $85

Earmould Head Phones

Custom Earmould Head Phones

Phone Monitors

Single Musician driver with built in volume control and microphone for hands free calls. 3.5mm connection. From $300

Earmould Head Phones

Custom Earmould Head Phones


In ear Music Monitors

Single musician driver set into the Earmould for crystal clear sound. 3.5mm stereo connection. From $280


Earmould Head Phones

Custom Earmould Head Phones



Recreational Stereo Wires

Strong, rugged design, easy to clean acoustic tubes with crystal clear sound. 3.5mm stereo connection. From $230


Secure Communication Earmoulds

Custom Earmoulds for secure Communication



Security Communication

Interchangeable connections with neat air tube for clear communications. 2 way compatible. From $121


Earmoulds for Shooting

Custom Earmoulds for Shooting



Perfect fit for impact noises while still hearing the enviroment around you. From $90


Sleeping Earmouolds

Custom Earmoulds for better sleeping



Ultrathin fit for extra comfort for a great nights sleep. From $80

Swimming Earmoulds

Custom Earmoulds for Swimming


Watertight seal will keep your ears dry, great for kids with grometts. From $80

Bluetooth Earmoulds

Custom Earmoulds with Bluetooth

Bluetooth Monitors

Single musician driver. Connect via bluetooth to your phone. Great for people on the go. From $350

Custom Earmoulds
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It is easy to get your own custom earmoulds at Sunshine Coast Custom Earmoulds.

Just call and make an appointment. You can call the day you want them as long as you are in here before 4PM.

The appointment is very easy. You sit down and get your earmoulds fitted. This takes between 15mins to 20mins. Then the experianced technician finishes shaping and coating your custom earmoulds. This usuall takes between 30mins to 45mins.

There are multiple colours you can get your custom earmoulds. Or you can choose to mix and match, to make them even more personal for you.

Your Custom Earmoulds are easy for you to get. Just make an appointment, or call us NOW

Custom Earmould colour range

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